PHP development environment with Docker

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In this post I will share a development environment for PHP projects using Docker. The goal is that you see Docker as an alternative to Vagrant as development environment. We will use a repository with a LAMP project in Docker -> php-docker Introduction Docker containers wrap a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains […]

Chrome Developer Tools Secrets

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When we are doing frontend tasks, Google Chrome Developer Tools can be a great help. We can use it with many purposes, CSS debug, JavaScript debug, performance analysis… We are going to speak about one feature not well known. I bumped into this feature when I was trying to save JavaScript objects from console, and I did […]

Concurrence in PHP

Surely you’ve ever met in PHP concurrency issues. Think about it for a moment, I’m sure you have many cases, and there is no easy solution in PHP language in order to protect critical code. Imagine an API to manage a balance of points with a request that makes this tasks: Read the current balance from the database Calculations […]

For in loop JavaScript

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We often heard about JavaScript Loop For in can be sometimes problematic. We are going to show you how this statement works. The purpose of the for in statement is to enumerate over object properties, and we should be careful using it with and Array object. First problem we have it is order of iteration, […]


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Today is a great day for us. We have been waiting some years for creating a space where show and explain to developers how we deal and solve our problems. We often read blog articles and we would like to make a small contribution to this immense collective effort. We are engineers who enjoy our work, learning […]